via Daily Prompt: Disobey

Women were never supposed to disobey men, to participate in politics or to have a word to say. Yet, they eventually did so now feminism is a thing.

People were supposed to believe everything the church was saying. Even the things that weren’t true. Yet, people like Giordano Bruno disobeyed and came with the theory that the Universe is infinite, therefore  no celestial body can be called its center. He was executed by burning, but he helped humanity progress.

Gay people used to be killed or tortured for their sexuality. Yet, they didn’t give up and now LGBTQ is a thing.

Ideologies like communism vanished almost completely because some brave humans out there disobeyed the rules. They wanted to make a change.

But what means to disobey after all? It means not to respect the rules, a command to say so. To fail to obey. Indisputably, without rules and without us respecting them at least most of the time the world would be a complete chaos, a disaster. But sometimes, only sometimes to disobey can be good. The real problem is: when is it right or justified to do that? And can we survive the consequences?



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