It is crystal clear why they call Roald Dahl the best of all children’s writers!

Do not fear, the book I’m about to review is not actually dedicated to children! An adult can read it, too.

SKIN AND OTHER STORIES is a book that gathers 11 stories written by Roald Dahl and you’ll most likely enjoy them. With captivating characters and unique topics, this reading will stay with you and, if you allow me, it’s perfect for a vacation when you need something interesting, yet relaxing to read. I flicked through it while I was with my family in Greece and that’s why I dared to recommend it for such an ocasion. There is not too much information I can provide, these are short writings we’re talking about, but let’s say that Skin – the first story in the book and the one which appears in the title – displays the “advantages” of having a tattoo on your back made by an youngster who is going to become a prominent artist. In case I failed to convince you, perchance the questions you can find on the back cover will solve the problem: How would you dispose of a murder weapon without causing suspicion? // Where would you hide a diamond where no one else would think of looking? // What if you discovered the tattoo on your back is worth a million dollars? The answers are awaiting for you, well infiltrated among stratling tales.

Roald Dahl was born in 1916 in Wales and the world lost him in 1990. By the way, he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

<Contents: Skin; Lamb to the Slaughter; The Sound Machine; An African Story; Galloping Foxley; The Wish; The Surgeon; Dip in the Pool; The Champion of the World; Beware of the Dog; My Lady Love, My Dove. Which one is your favourite?>


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