Spider-Man: Homecoming

328d1-Spider-Man-Homecoming-Hot-Toys-Deluxe-Figure-CroppedIt’s fun!

There is no surprise: Marvel movies are always amazing and whenever one comes out it’s a great success. As expected, Spider-Man: Homecoming couldn’t settle for less. Tony Stark shows up during this masterpiece, it was pretty clear it was going to be lit. I’ll give this film 5 stars out of 5 simply because it is realistic. Peter Parker is essentially a teenager, eager to live life and to turn as soon as possible into a hero, just like the ones he admires so much. He doesn’t always know what to do and even when things seem unchallenging, our boy manages to mess up somehow. Just like a regular person. Other than that, we get to enjoy a lot of jokes inserted through the lines. Every time when the action appears to get serious, someone has to say something funny. The protagonist’s behaviour is so relatable and his excitement towards his partnership with Stark makes him adorable. Who wouldn’t be? Spider-Man’s costume sufered a “minor upgrade”, sending Iron Man vibes – if this makes any sense. What’s your opinion regarding this change?  Furthermore, school’s problems are not neglected which is a huge plus. I mean most of the times when we need to deal with a young-about-to-become-a-hero, studies are barely mentioned. And we all know how time-consuming school can get.

Tom Holland proved himself as a very charismatic guy who can easily pull off Peter’s role. If I have to confess, I liked him since I first saw him in Captain America: Civil War. While we are on the topic, if I see Rogers all dressed up in his suit again, telling me to behave and to feel sorry for my errors, I will cry. The records with this man makes you feel bad for mistakes you’ve never actually made. Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming and you’ll understand. Maybe. After all, I’m a weirdo.


One thought on “Spider-Man: Homecoming

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