Rimmel London


Cheap and good!

Not everyone is willing to pay a lot of money on make-up, even though they might have developed a passion for it. It is cleary why since, when it comes about make-up, you won’t stick just to one lipstick, mascara and some foundation. So it would mean a complete waste to become broken because you needed to fullfil your beauty arsenal. Or maybe you simply don’t find worth it throwing away $25 for a damn eyeliner. But all of us, make-up lovers, are looking for products with good quality and usually the high-end ones provide it.

Good news, dears! Rimmel London, a brand founded in 1834 by Eugene Rimmel, has really good products and beyond the shadow of a doubt prices that can be considered at least inexpensive. I’ve tried their Wake Me Up! concealer and it is just as good as they say. It covers well, offering a matte aspect and it usually stays on all day. About the foundation I’ve heard only good things so I guess it will lift up to your expectations. Lipsticks are introducing themselves as being very versatile. I’m talking about colours, of course. They are both creamy and matte, but I’m more into matte ones so the Kate Moss collection won over my heart. In addition, many praise the powder as well. To be frankly honest, I’m aware of the fact that you most likely know already about Rimmel London, but if you didn’t dare trying it perhaps this review will give you the courage to do it. To the ones who did: did it work for you as well?

You can purchase their products from almost everywhere because it’s a drug-store brand.


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