Death Parade

Everybody, put your hands up!


Even though the very first words of this review might turn on the mood for a party, I’m terrible upset to dash your hopes, but Death Parade is not at all bonded to anything related to a party. Written and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa, under the production of Madhouse, the Japanese series “does” something else: it explores the spiritual side of mundanes, covering all the possible layers of human’s depth.


Replacing the idea of Heaven and Hell with something more plausible for the 21st century, Reincarnation and Void, forcing the ones who passed away to play a game, and having Decim – the arbiter with this trial of souls – the anime proffers us a ticket for a unique parade. For the record, this whited-hair man is the best bartender you could possibly have now and on the afterlife. Basically what’s going on here is that people who died get to participate to a game, without remembering almost anything about their past. Their memories will just pump up while they are playing. The number of competitors is always two. Most importantly, they have no clue they are not alive anymore. The purpose is to decide their fate. There are five rules you need to keep in mind before entering, but I can assure you Decim will deal with the explanations. It is a very effective method to reveal a person’s real face by judging their techniques of playing, without them being saved by favorable circumstances that would justify the deeds of their lives, and the hosts of the Quindecim bar know it the best. Apropos, the games presented might be a good way of spending time with your friends or family.
Why should you watch Death Parade? Firstly, it provides an impeccable analysis of the human brain, focusing on the emotional aspects. Secondly, despite the characters being episodic, it does have character development, bearing a huge evolution from the point where they first show up to the end of the game. Third thing third, Death Parade doesn’t demand a lot of time because it only has 12 episodes.


I took the lyric belonging to the introduction from the intro of this anime, which is… how do I say it?… cool. It cheers you up so mind listening to it when you feel down.


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