LGBTQ Community and why I support it


LGBTQ, rather known as LGBT, is a community which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. It celebrates diversity and pride, trying to eliminate discrimination towards someone’s sexuality.

Allow me to give my reasoning to why I support and totally agree with this community, even if I don’t necessarily consider myself as being part of it. I’ve noticed a lot of people tend to claim that you belong to a certain community, to say so, if you sympathize with it. Just because I’m not like them it doesn’t mean I should be against them or at least be a bit sceptical. Accepting people who are not straight is a matter of our ability, as individuals, to tolerate someone who’s different. Moreover, that’s what they are trying to do. To open your mind. The ones included in LGBT don’t hold a grudge on heterosexual people. Remember, they are humans just like the rest of us, and being straight doesn’t make you better. Why? Simply because you don’t get to choose your damn sexuality, you are born with it. It is not an achievement so stop thinking you’re better than them because you feel attracted by the opposite sex. We are all equal and we should be kind to each other, I seriously don’t get why so many humans love to be judgemental and to hurt others. What do you win from that? Does it boost your ego? Everybody should feel free to do whatever they feel like as long as they are not affecting anybody else. I can’t see how someone being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or whatever damages your existence. And have no worries, they are not going to hit on you. You’re not everyone’s type.

On the other hand, it’s not up to sexuality to define who we are. It shouldn’t be an obstacle from any point of view. I cannot perceive it as a big deal, I see this as if you would hate someone due to the colour of their eyes. Only because they are not like yours? How can you do that when you know it wasn’t their choice? Sexuality symbolizes a trait of ours, but nothing more. I’m not saying it’s not important, I’m naturally stating it shouldn’t represent a criterion. I’ve heard people declaring that LGBTQ is not normal, that you can’t experience sexual attraction towards the same sex without having mental issues. Then, let me ask you the following question: since when do you have the capacity to establish what’s normal? Don’t you think that despising someone because they are not like you is the actual problem here? Perhaps, you should consider that. Also, I need to speak briefly of concerned mothers who wouldn’t like their children to see, for example, two men holding hands because the little ones might get influenced. If your theory is accepted, then it means asexual people shouldn’t exist. I mean, we see a lot of straight, beautiful couples everywhere, especially in movies so how could you not hope for such an wonderful relationship? Well, I’m terribly sorry to dissapoint you, but I’m an asexual and boi, I’ve seen so many straight couples holding hands on the street. I’ve also been shipping a lot of them. In addition, isn’t it a bit too much to think that seeing a gay couple or a lesbian one will completely change the sexuality of your child?

Fun fact, here’s what the colours of this rainbow flag mean:

  • pink = sexuality;
  • red = life;
  • orange = healing;
  • yellow = the sun;
  • green = nature;
  • blue = art;
  • indigo = harmony;
  • violet = spirit.

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