Levi Ackerman

Warning: this article might contain spoilers for the ones who haven’t read the manga!

Levi Ackerman or simply Captain Levi is the most popular character in the Shingeki no Kyojin manga, written by Isayama Hajime. He has gained popularity in Japan, as well, being considered an iconic character. I know there are others much more appreciated than he is, but I had to mention that, okay? Furthermore, he is one of my favorites so I’m gonna discuss about this guy a bit and give my reasoning to why I love and admire him so much.


If we explore a bit his past, we’ll realise we’re dealing with someone whose life was filled with misery and grief. He grew up with no father, being raised by his uncle, a serial killer named Kenny Ackerman, who ended up abandoning the boy because he wasn’t “fit to be a parent”. His mother died due to being ill. His life got better, however, after he met Farlan and, later, Isabel. Time passed and they got caught by the Survey Corps and in their very first mission outside the walls, Levi finds his friends dead, murdered by a titan, of course. With hot tears falling down on his cheeks he slaughters it. Years later after he joined the Survey Cops, easily earning the title of humanity’s strongest soldier, for good, providing skills some of us could only dream about, he loses, this time in a confrontation with the Female Titan, almost his entire squad, with the exception of Hange and Commander Erwin. Levi doesn’t get the chance to avenge on this girl for obvious grounds. For the record, when his friends died, he made a choice with no regrets, to pledge loyalty to Erwin.


[Levi alongside Isabel and Farlan]

In case you were thinking this Erwin guy has been around for too long, worry not. I have to mention that before the squad died while fighting the Female Titan, new recruits joined the Survey Corps. Months after this battle, they had a terrible fight with titans and guess what? Armin, one of these recruits and our Commander were seriously injured and since the only one capable to save one of the two was Levi, since he was posessing the titan serum (that shit gives you the ability to regenerate and to become a titan), the pressure was on his shoulders. Why him? The Captain gave the serum to Armin.


[I’m gonna miss you, Commander Erwin. And your eyebrows.]

By resuming his life story, I think everyone has a clue about how much pain this dude had to endure. And God dammit, letting Erwin die… It’s funny how everyone back then was so offended and triggered, claiming who Levi should choose and whatever, but did anyone think about how the Captain felt? For the first time, after witnessing so many deaths (because really now, even if we don’t talk about his friends and squad and everything, he is participating to a war – a lot of people die) he is given the opportunity to save his companion, yet he can’t. He knows Armin is valuable too and he’s probably assuming how much sorrow his best friends, Eren and Mikasa, will have to face. Levi knows what it feels like. It might seem he never allows feelings to cloud his judgement, but try to see beyond that wall he has built. I can’t help myself, but look up to him when he is so strong. Levi is still sane after everything. Clearly, the Captain of the Survey Corps has won the title of humanity’s strongest and he deserves it because boy, it’s not only about his psychical strenght, but his emotional one too. How many of us could resist?

Moving on to less tragic things, he is handsome. And the badass vibe and confidence kill me. And when you think Isayama was planning to make Levi ugly. You failed, but this is definitely the best failure. Levi Ackerman is a legit piece of art, obsessed with cleaning. Everything he does and who he is as a person settled in my heart. Probably it’s not even possible, but I want so much for his wounds to heal. Besides, his strategic importance is worth stating. Afterwards, the enemy fears him.


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