Wonder Woman

1491990205555-1Thank you, DC! For real.

The beautiful Diana has lived among amazons her entire life. Since she was just a little girl she felt captivated by these powerful women’s way of training and she wished being a fighter herself. Her mother resisted at first but she ended up ordering that Diana shall be trained as no amazon was ever trained. To be pushed to her limits and then demand more. As expected, she showed remarkable skills. Her life has followed its course naturally until she encountered the first man in her life. It might sound like a terrible cliché, but don’t get yourself prepared to see a typical romance. No way, because together they plan to participate to a war. Being given all these details, I don’t know if I managed to mesmerize you, but Wonder Woman is totally worth seeing. It reveals the real face of what we like to call ,,humanity”, which we in all likelihood pretend is a secret or a fabrication, just to act surprised when we witness it manifesting. Enable me to confess the following: it’s astonishing me when I see kindness happening. I bet Diana was at least a bit surprised to see what mundanes are capable of. And talking about the protagonist, Gal Gadot gave life to a character that yields a magnificent soul. It’s futile to talk about her good-looking appearances. Am I right, Steve? Let’s not forget about the importance of peace, too often neglected. War will never provide any good so it’s time to try putting aside our desperate desire for power and domination. Why hurt each other, after all?

You won’t regret if you empower yourselves for this war, along with our lovable amazon. Not only battles, dangerous weapons, strategies, attempts to armistice and soldiers will lie ahead of you, but overwhelming emotions and a strong wit too. There’s no wonder they call her Wonder Woman.


5 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. I still haven’t had a chance to see this (and it’s making me crazy, since I was counting the days until the release – stupid life getting in the way of fun LOL), but I’m so relieved to hear that everyone loved it. Long live empowerment!

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