Mirai Nikki ⌊Future Diary⌉

5f982122-b898-401a-8891-a5ab1abf6844Mirai Nikki is, well, Mirai Nikki. That sentence doesn’t make any sense, right? Then it’s all for good because so does the anime.

Yukiteru-kun is much of an observer, avoiding to get in touch with people. All he has it’s his imagination that, one day, turns out to be actually real, getting him involved into a survival game. And it all started with a damn stupid diary he kept on his mobile phone. The fourteen years old student is not necessary stupid, but he unquestionably lacks courage and motivation to the point where the boy is gonna piss you off. I could understand his fear at the beginning since the entire situation Yukiteru found himself in was dangerous and unexpected, but after that it was almost impossible for him not to get on my last nerve. Anyway, Yuno, the girl who has developed an extremely unhealthy obsession for the boy, is definitely the winner on my pissing-me-off list. At least she proves herself very useful, since her psycho skills are going to save Yukiteru several times. Seriously, I’m telling you, our folk is a cry-baby. But enough with the characters. Overall, I liked the idea around which the action has been outlined. Twelve people, all diary owners, have to fight until one of them wins and becomes god. Everyone else has to die. What’s so special about these diaries I don’t wanna tell you. Another pro would be  the fact that you cannot possibly get bored because there’s always something going on. Don’t let yourselves be deceived by appereances and don’t follow the obvious lead, unanticipated stuff is part of this anime too. The background stories of the characters matter as well, mostly because they give grounds for how they ended up here and what exaclty contributed to their personalities. Optimistically, you’ll find some of them more torelable after that. For the reason that the ones who had watched Mirai Nikki ,,are raving” about the end, compulsory I gotta include it on my review: it was better than I imagined and a bit intense.

The anime found its inspiration from the manga, evidently, written by Sakae Esuno.



2 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki ⌊Future Diary⌉

  1. i also love the concept of 12 diary owners just killing each other.
    yuno is pretty popular, being the best example of a yandere ever. XD


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