Fall Out Boy – Champion

falloutboy_champion_cover_artGood job, my boys!

I’ve been really into MANIA so far. As their fans, me included, already know, Fall Out Boy is working currently on their newest album, which is promising us without any doubt something different. At least different from what we are used to. Boy, I like it! This purple vibe and everything, the new style, the completely divergent music. After Young And Menace made me replay it God knows how many times, Champion has succeeded in doing the same. As previously mentioned in one of my articles , M A  N I A, the lyrics and the message of this song are capturing my soul because they prove themselves frankly encouraging. Do check it out! I’m started to get even more excited about this album and curious because I really wanna know what their next song will tell us. Excuse me for being so hyped, but I can’t help, that’s what I feel. I really hope there are some other people who share this love for MANIA because our damn talented boys need support. Remember, they work a lot and they are exposing their inner beings through these songs. No filters to cover their hearts, no meaningless lyrics, all we are being offered is sincerity and I’ll always encourage what comes from within, what’s being delivered by your emotions. Give them a chance, Fall Out Boy deserves recognition!

If I could live through this/ I can do anything



a lil twisted; i'm looking for what's beyond things

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