Benefit Cosmetics

benefitThe make-up industry is basically taking over the world nowadays. A lot of people are using these products and usually anything related to beauty includes make-up. But, when we’re being offered so many brands, how can we know what to properly choose? Naturally, we can look for information on the internet to see what would suit our skin type. Let’s bring up the price on top of that because most of the times it influences us a lot.

One of the so called high-end make-up brands that I’ve tried is Benefit. I used their primer, mascara (both “they’re Real!” & Roller Lash) and concealer and they all worked for me. I loved them, seriously! I have to declare their design was what caught my eye in the first place. The primer does its job, minimizing the appearence of pores as promised and succeeding in helping your make-up last throughout the day, the mascara gives your eyelashes life, – I mean, volume – and, when all was said and done, the concealer is easy to blend, providing a good coverage. Moreover, as far as I’m concerned, people claim to love their other products too, but I would sooner stick to the ones I know. Founded in San Francisco, Benefit Cosmetics  can be found effortlessly in any Sephora shop, for example, or on the internet in case you wanna order online. Their prices are between $12-$35, being conditional on what you intend to buy. That being the case, I suppose some of the products could be considered affordable.

If my short review helped and you are plotting on trying them out, I wish they’ll work for you just as well.


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