What does being happy mean?

     *inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s quote: May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.*

Happiness does not have a definition. At least in my opinion. It depends on everybody. Some people want money or a certain job, others find family and friends the most important, but if we have one particularity in common is that most of us wish to be happy. Most of us wish to live without worries, to enjoy every single moment of our lives. Nobody wants to endure pain, to face hopelessness and to struggle while travelling through this journey we call life. Now, there is no such thing as permanent merriness and simply because, if you never have to deal with the ugly side of things, you will eventually get used to this feeling of joy and you won’t be able, at least not anymore, to appreciate it. To trully feel it. I, for example, as an unexperienced human being, can tell the fact that pain is indeed the best teacher even though its methods hurt. Therefore, I could yearn for this beloved happiness only after I went through miserable events.  When someone wishes someone else to be beared by his/her wings ”where the sun sails and the moon walks”, they probably mean having to deal with misery as little as possible. These words can lead to several meanings and it’s up to everybody to perceive them somehow. To seek deep in your hearts and then to allow yourselves to be carried away by the wind that your heart has chosen. That’s why I tend to think contentedness comes from the inside. It’s true that the outside can influence it, but it’s our mission to protect it and to be proud and thankful for what we have and for what we have achieved. Also, the inner peace is essential in this equation. You may have obtained whatever you were wishing for, notwithstanding what it was, but if there’s even a tiny voice constantly mocking your brain, then this is more than enough to ruin it all. Inner wars are the worst. Without any doubts. And if we clarified more or less how to reach happiness, then we should as well find a solution to get rid of or, even better, to avoid an inner mighty battle. It’s again, up to us. To every single individual. Perhaps we can start with this magical wind that represents nothing else but the impulse of letting go, the exact unreflective urge to acces your own path to joy and peace, of course. It is the only one that can help you get there.

To sum up all the above, it’s not about one thing that can bring you all you need in order to be happy, but it’s about that one thing you need to find to be happy. And nobody else, but you, has the task to get it. The only problem here is it’s never easy, not even a bit, to pass this ”exam”, but you will never know if you will never try. Meanwhile maybe you attempt to make up a definition for happiness so as to actually understand and value it. It’s a hell of a journey, isn’t it!

In conclusion, may us all dive into a range of positive emotions.



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