Favorite villains, part 2 – Darth Vader

Darth-Vader-Photos*insert Vader’s theme song*

The popularity of this dark character is phenomenal. Most of the people who haven’t watched Star Wars can easily recognize Darth Vader. As a matter of course, not him being so well known explains why this Lord is one of my favorite villains.

The main justification is his background story. Let’s take a look and discover Vader’s past. No black costume (or however you wanna call it) was covering his body in order to keep him alive. He wasn’t loyal to Palpatine, the so feared Sith Lord, trying to fulfil the orders and wishes of the dark side. Not even close. Beyond that mask was once a handsome and brave boy, named Anakin Skywalker, who was believed to be the chosen one, the Jedi that could finally bring the balance. Woefully, while training to become a significant member of the light side, his mother was kidnapped and maybe seconds after he found her, she gave her last breath right in his arms. The intensity of the pain and dissapointment, the frustation caused by the incapacity of defeating death and for not being there in time awakened some demons inside of him. So, Anakin promised himself he will never allow this to happen again. Keep in mind that shortly before the tragic event occured, he had some dreams as a warning. Time passed, his wife, Padmé, got pregnant and, guess what?, his nights were once again bitter because of the nightmares which were announcing this young woman’s death. Furthermore, his relationship with his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, was starting to shake and our beloved Palpatine took advantage of Anakin’s insecurities regarding the capacity of the light side. What happened next is probably obvious. Not gonna tell you why he started wearing the costume, I already hinted at stuff that I shouldn’t, but as I said: his background story is what touched my heart. Even though he betrayed the light side, his purpose was esentially good because his acts were determined mostly by love. On the other hand, Anakin’s evil version captivated me from the first moment and his strenght and way of killing were only attracting me more. Also, the inner pangs he had to indure due to the choice he made proved me there was always some light left in him.

Everything I wrote down covers a small part of the amazing journey of Darth Vader, but I promised to keep my articles as spoiler free as possible.



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