Memrise: learn languages 

Recently, thanks to a recommendation from one of my good friends, I discovered this really useful and funny app.
If you feel like learning a new language, at least to reach a basic level, but you don’t wanna take classes, regardless the reason, then Memrise is exactly what you need. The app provides a lot of cute features, offering a welcoming vibe due to being so colorful. Its methods are quite relaxing and they cover both writing and pronunciation, making memorizing easier. Don’t worry, the listening part won’t be neglected either. I started learning Spanish through this app and it works for me. Now, obviously, it won’t turn you into an expert, and maybe it doesn’t explore the grammar of the language you selected as much as it would be necessary, but you’ll be able to wear a conversation with a native. Furthermore, this one could represent a good activity for when you have some spare time, coming in hand, since you need to use your phone in order to acces it. No schedule is required (you just have to achieve a daily target, but nothing will happen if you don’t). The app is available for Android and iOS and it’s for free. I hope Memrise will suit you and if you try it, let me know your opinion. I’d love to get a feedback.


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