Yuri!!! On Ice

It might sound like a terrible cliché, but Yuri!!! On Ice really made the end of 2016 better for me. Thank you a lot, Mitsurō Kubo, for writing this gorgeous story.

Sadness and despair appear to take over these days, right? And when it comes down to animes, you’re more likely to get depressed rather than relaxed. Fortunately, I have some good news for you because the anime to which this article is dedicated brings a whole new definition to kawaii and it’s one of the cutest anime you could possibly watch. After several unpleasant events marked 2016, this tiny drop, which is capturing the idea of skating and what it involves (because “we call everything on ice ‘love'”), has brought the beauty back. Yuri, the main character, acts just like any ordinary young man, struggling through life, without symbolizing the ideal type of hero tormented by insecurities and anxiety. Caution: outstandingly relatable. Amazing how 12 episodes can change your mood entirely and if any tear will fall on your cheek, it’s gonna be a tear of joy. Or perhaps a reaction to the overwhelming anime. And in case you didn’t necessarily thought animes were a piece of art and just the work of a bunch of hella talented folks, just wait to see Viktor. You’ll certainly have a crush on… every single character? Guess a Russian and a Japanese make a good combination. And yeah, dreams do come true. You just have to work a lot and never give up because those harsh moments, even if in the when they take place your mind is drowning itself with dark thoughts, prepare you the best and they define the “shape” your character. Plus, you become stronger.

Enjoy and see you on the next level!;)


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