Lucifer_S2_2000x1125_thumbnailBloody Hell!

Lucifer Morningstar is a name most of us have heard and, of course, it leads our thoughts to the Devil himself. The one responsible for all the sorrow we need to endure throughout life, for lust and sins. To be more specific, for everything related to darkness. Nothing new until now, right? We can keep describing Lucifer forever because I think anybody has something to say about this guy who is supposed to punish us after death. Anyway,  his legend tells us he was the supreme angel at the beginning of times, but due to his rebellious behavior and his desire to take over the Almighty, he was punished, being sent to Hell and being forced to rule it. Who dared to wonder what was going on with Morningstar during these events and, the most important, how is he feeling currently? In case you are curious and you want to explore a bit of the personal history of this iconic character, then the Lucifer TV Show is exactly what you need. You might be a bit surprised because the Devil barely bears a resemblance to the description offered by our books and legends. For the duration of the show, the character develops greatly, being always around Chloe Decker. She works as homicide detective in Los Angeles as a member of the LAPD. The Devil himself and a… cop? Kind of weird, don’t you think? Buy yourself a ticket to LA and get ready to be welcomed by a british accent, Lucifer’s humor, love and family conflicts. Truly entertaining! And have no worries, he knows how to party.


15 thoughts on “Lucifer

  1. Well, I have no problem with you sharing your thoughts, I’m actually happy to see that you read my article, but I don’t want you to think that I don’t assume this is fiction.

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  2. Pardon me , i know its just a review but i share my thoughts my friend. I have also seen this tv show and i like it but its completely opposite to reality thats what i am say.


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