Things we think/do, but won’t admit 

We are all humans and most of the times, if not always, it’s incredibly hard to keep our feelings under control. Therefore, things can get a bit too intense, so we might get a bit too crazy. Here you have a short list of things that we think/do, but we’ll never admit. Hopefully, you can relate:

  1. Showing excitement towards a TV Show, a book, a movie, a song (perhaps an album), make-up, a video game or some other stuff. How many of you can say that you were never over the moon about something? That it never happened to you to be so happy that you screamed or danced or did whatever your heart was suggesting you to. The reason why most of us won’t confess anything about it is that it’s a stupid thing to be happy about. Which is not, obviously.
  2. Pretending you are friends with certain movies/books characters. Or in a relationship with them. But who would dare to reveal such a huge secret? It’s too embarrassing, isn’t it? Of course not. As long as you’re still aware of what’s going on around you, there’s nothing wrong about getting attached to fictional characters.
  3. Judging and being really shady about something or someone. Just as you can completely fall in love with something/someone, you can easily turn into a hater occasionally as well.
  4. Disliking something/someone, but pretending everything is fine. You just wanna be nice. *insert a forced smile*
  5. Thinking you are the best. Disregarding the reason why your self-esteem has increased so much, there are certain points in our lives when we feel there’s absolutely no one better than us. We might consider ourselves the best in a domain or the most beautiful person at a party or event, for example. Perhaps, perceiving yourself as being the best can be a way too much, but never forget to be confident.
  6. Being fake on social media. It never occured to you to post something online and someone who you can’t stand left a friendly comment to which you responded very nicely? I see what you’re doing there.
  7. Not accepting that you’re wrong, when deep down you know you made a mistake.
  8. Overreacting. Isn’t it annoying when something doesn’t go as planned? Especially while watching something or while playing a video game. And you get really angry or worse, you start crying due to all the emotions you’ve acumulated.
  9. Comparing yourself with others.
  10. Finding stupid excuses not to do something because you’re simply too lazy to do it.


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