Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul is considered by most of the people one of the best anime ever, yet there are a lot who complain about it, stating that the manga, written by Sui Ishida, would be ten times better. I can’t share with you my opinion regarding the manga because I haven’t read it, but I heard some things that seriously made me consider people’s dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, my review will focus exclusively on the anime.

A first date doesn’t sound so dangerous, does it? Of course, there is no doubt you’ll be extremely nervous and perhaps curious about how your relationship will evolve, but how many of you took in consideration being physically hurt? Supposing this thought has crossed your mind because accidents do happen, how many of you thought of being physically hurt by your date? In any case, Kaneki didn’t. Who could blame him, anyway? Unfortunately, this literally turned his life upside-down. Not only his taste in food underwent modifications, but also his state of mind. Being forced, without warning, to feed on human flesh and to fight to stay alive, when shyness, school studies and poor social life represent the main ingredients your life is made up of, it’s an incredible task. Also, I wanted to point out the picture I chose for this article because it shows Kaneki’s transformation. It’s about Marie Antoinette syndrome, but obviously you’ll have to figure out by yourselves why this happened to this poor boy. His adventure will sicken, annoy and hurt you, but it will indubitably remain in your minds. Guess being smart is not always the constituent which solves all the problems, you might need a bit of luck too. The psychological impact which the anime could have on you is considerably strong, so take care. Given all these, I would gladly recommend it to you because believe me, this is so much more than a simple intriguing fight between ghouls and humans.





5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul

  1. This is the first time I hear about Marie Antoinette syndrome, gotta google it and see what’s all this about, ha ha! But a kid who has to fight for his life and feed on human flesh sounds like one hell of a story. That’s something I didn’t know about the show until now and it definitely captured my interest.

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