fall-out-boy-mania-album-new-2017Fall Out Boy has released a new song on 27th of April 2017, surprising all of their fans. Since I’m into their music, I decided it would be a good idea to write a short review about their “new era”.

Young And Menace stands for something different from what we are used to when it comes to this brilliant band. I, as one, was surprised, but in a good manner, by their new style and I intend to buy their album quite soon. Unfortunately, not everyone had something good to say about their new song. Now, it’s obvious you can’t please everybody, but it’d be better not to express your hate like that. In case you seriously can’t stand Young And Menace, confine yourself to their old songs. The change has to be  performed at a certain point, heedless of its subtetly. Even if, as an artist, you go for something big, that basically ruins any connection with your previous work or for something slightly contrasting, the change has to take place. Precisely, in this lies the charm to create, in the opportunity to experience and to improve your creations. There are no rules. That being the case, were all those repulsive comments necessary? Give it a chance, the lyrics are amazing and their message, if you listen closely, won’t fail at devouring your soul. Needless to say, the vibe and the vibration are torturing my heart in the most beautiful way possible. No matter how many times I listen to it, I can’t get enough. Additionally, you might want to check the description of this album, written by the band itself.

In closing, it entails courage to decide on coming out with something like that. The risk may be not huge, but absolutely worth considering. As a result, all I can do is to admire Fall Out Boy.


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