Prison Break

thumb-1920-469280Michael Scofield is handsome, all right? (just a personal opinion, don’t get too irritated, folks)

You don’t actually have a lot of time and you are not actually safe. Furthermore, you can trust nobody and you really need a good plan in order to survive. Be careful and pay attention to every detail, no matter how insignificant it seems. Also, make sure you always protect the ones you care about because they will be, without any doubt, the first victims. A colossal pressure would almost certainly take over your mind in such a situation, yet Michael Scofield manages to keep things under control. It requires a brilliant mind, undeniably, but our hero is exceptionally clever. And ambitious. And strong. His qualities are never-ending, but so is his love for his older brother, Lincoln. All the attempts to which he is subjected, all the sacrificies he must make were triggered by one thing: his desire to save his brother from execution. In such a fierce and dangerous adventure, featuring the “worshipped” pain, you’d prefere to keep it rational, but this handsome man is only a human after all, so yes, the feelings get to interfere at a certain point. To be more specific, when he meets Sarah Tancredi, the doctor who will slowly carry off his heart.

Embrace yourselves, my readers, and be prepared for an intriguing story where things never get less complicated. Just when you think it’s finally over, an unpredictable event  leaves in ruins all the progress that has been made. This TV Show is about to play with your hearts like no one ever did and I am of the view that no TV Show or movie has succeeded in exploring so well this side of the world, that many of us choose to ignore because it can be too murderous to handle, until now. The producers took in consideration all the components likely to be provided in case you intend to break out of prison, plus the consequences of performing such a crime. Nobody cares if you are innocent and if your intentions are good. A hard task, almost impossible to accomplish. Disclaimer: breaking out of prison has become a routine for Michael Scofield.



One thought on “Prison Break

  1. That’s one of my favourite shows! It was so dynamic, I literally watched all the seasons for a week! I just can’t wait to find some free time, so I can catch up with the new season! xx

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