Friendship doesn’t have a general definition, that’s enjoying an unanimous recognition, simply because one’s perspective about it is different from others’. Regardless if you believe this is one of the most precious gifts life can offer you and you seek for a strong bond or if you just need someone to casually hang out with, I bet we can all agree that friendship offers you an agreeable feeling.

If I’d have to confess, friendship, in my opinion, is the best way in which people can interact by free will. Nobody is forcing you to make someone your friend if you don’t feel like doing it. Friendship helps you reduce anxiety and depression and it even improves your mood by making you feel better, without necessarily having to struggle with certain issues, so as you won’t be a mardy bum (get the Arctic Monkeys reference? No? OK). It can be very time consuming and it requires involvement from both sides. Compromises nor sacrificies shouldn’t be excluded, yet the huge list of advantages it brings is undoubtedly worth everything. Among its benefits, I find myself under the compulsion of mentioning how it can make you more tolerant, since you’ll automatically tend to get over each other’s mistakes and flaws easier. Friendship is reminding us a very good lesson, that we probably all hear, but never actually get to its bottom: nobody is perfect and we have to accept everyone around us. Mutual love and support represent some other ingredients of this spiritual work of art. You really get to know someone, and I’m not only talking about being used to their faces, but to their souls. In addition, the moments you spend together laughing, watching a movie, playing or just talking give you that specific tenderness that nothing else has the ability to give. It’s part of the unique traits from which friendship is made up. I didn’t forget about fights, they simply can’t be avoided. And how you struggle, and how it hurts, no matter what you do, and the pain just doesn’t go away until you finally succeed on coming up with a solution. But then there comes the relief that makes everything you’ve been going through, despite the fact that it seemed impossible during those filled with agony moments to overcome the problem, vanish. They say a real and strong friendship has to face many unpleasent situations. Be that as it may, but it’s conforting to know someone has your back. And that you can be useful just as well. I, as one, am besotted with friendship and another aspect I find fascinating about it it’s the simplicity of its beginning. You start building it up just by talking to someone and spending time with them, let’s say quite often, and it turns out into something amazing. Unfortunately, not everyone can comprehend its true value.

Lastly, I might say I’m a bit too involved but I decided it’d be better if I’m just being savagely honest with you, my dear readers. Conceivably, I could probably have said more, but that’s all what my heart wanted to let out.



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