Let’s dive into something a little bit different, shall we? This time, my article won’t be informing you about a TV Show or a movie, not even about a book. But, as far as I’m concerned, my blog description suggests that here you’ll find reviews about pretty much everything, so why not share my opinion with you regarding this coffee shop?

Founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1971, Starbucks has spread around the world and several people are raving about it. It’s all over Instagram and Tumblr because its popularity has reached enourmous odds. I am wondering how many people can’t recognize its simple, yet so stylish, logo. But the question is: what’s the drill with this particular coffee shop when there are several cafes out there, all of them promising to warm your soul and spoil your senses? Well, let me tell you a short story. I remember hearing people around me talking about Starbucks or even walking down the street holding in their hands one of those drinks. That definitely made me curious and the thought of trying out Starbucks drinks started crossing my mind. On that account, one random day I went to a Starbucks shop and ordered a cappuccino. Nothing too sophisticated, I’m aware of that, but I decided it’d be better if I’d just stick to the classics. An amazing smell, proposing a delicious drink, and steams welcomed me. The taste… loved it. From the first sip. Consequently, I got to attend the coffee shop quite frequently. A variety of drinks, both cold and hot, to match the desires every season brings you, and sweets to accompany them will be waiting for you. In case you fall for their design and products you can actually buy cups, mugs, glasses or coffee and tea. You can purchase them from any Starbucks shop or from their official site. Guess it’s worth it! And it totally deserves its success.


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