Big Hero 6

605895No, it’s not only for kids. Special thanks to the directors (Don Hall & Chris Williams) and to the writers (Jordan Roberts, Robert L. Baird & Daniel Gerson) for creating this!

For the record, I’m not into animations nor a huge fan of Walt Disney, so believe me when I say Big Hero 6 is absolutely amazing. The chances to think this is just another cartoon for little folks about superheros, which is portraiting a fantastic land, when you first hear the title are huge, I have to admit. Unless you watch the trailer before jumping to conclusions. Anyway, let’s just stick to the subject instead. The animation’s purpose would be to bring to light the importance of friends when you feel like something is missing. After going through an unfortunate even, Hiro, a young and incredibly smart boy, experiences moods of depression and loneliness, losing his motivation. Nothing seems to show results, as if the little one cannot be put back on his feet. Until one day when Baymax, the cutest  plus-sized inflatable robot, is being activated by an accident. Since that moment the two start developing an amazing bond and soon after that they team up with a group of adorable nerds to form a high-tech squad. Throughout the duration of the animation a pleasent and relaxing atmosphere will accompany you, followed by a perfect harmony of friendship and emotions. Let’s not forget about Fall Out Boy fans because “Immortals” is included in the soundtrack. Although you’ll find yourselves surrounded by the latest trends in technology and Physics, everything is incredibly clear so you won’t immerse yourselves in new age philosophy. With no further ado, Big Hero 6 is a precious reminder of the noteworthiness of friendship and support.


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