daredevil-12Just another proof that Marvel knows how to do it!

The TV Show, based on the Marvel Comics, is presenting us Matt’s  Murdock story and all the problems he has to overcome in order to keep Hell’s Kitchen, a small district from New York, safe. This time, New York  is going to introduce itself rather rough than glamorous. Matt’s past is marked by unfortunate events that you will discover while watching the TV Show. The main hero no longer fits the patterns and the traits that define him will surprise you. The first words that cross my mind when I think of the young lawyer would be ambition and especially stubbornness. He doesn’t seem to yield under Foggy’s, his best friend and partner as well, pleas. His conceptions can be a good example for lads to follow and they are able to contribute to their development as future adults, yet the nucleus is matched by the fact that Matthew succeeded in making from his condition a great tool against evil. Also, he’s very sensitive when it comes about taking someone’s life. Is the obscure thought of ending a person’s years to spend on this planet earlier too much for him? May you find the answer and be prepared to face complicated characters.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: he’s blind!


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