Attack on Titan ⌊Shingeki no Kyojin⌉

a09b6ef3f27ca9b8644535d08a6cd2dfHoly Mother of God! I am still asking why I started watching this masterpiece and then reading the manga, written by Isayama Hajime. It’s not that I regret it or something, but it really consumed me.

Starting to say what the anime is about (also the manga) would be absolutely pointless. In a few words, we get to meet Eren, an ambitious lad, literally obsessed with avenging his mother, and his two best friends who fight on his side, Armin – a remarkably intelligent cinnamon roll, and Mikasa – the baddest b*tch. Not that I would be some sort of specialist, but her skills are deeply connected to her bloodline. Despite of being teenagers who are just starting to live life, these three friends are forced to face a titanic menace. Blame it all on some brainless giants which eat humans for the sake of it. As you most likely guessed, they are not alone. However, there are several other details worth mentioning and too many complex characters with distinct stories that could justify (perhaps) their current behaviours. The narration is well built, with plenty of information to be provided, which seems to lead towards home truths searched desperately by everyone. It’s up to you to discover what’s going on and to be part of this sad and terrifying journey that includes one of the greatest wars you’ve ever seen: humans against titans or maybe humans vs. … humans. Make sure to be patient because Attack On Titan is an on-going manga and trust me, it’s gonna be hard to keep your curiosity still.  Get ready to travel through the world of strong emotions!

P.S.: Don’t hate me EreMika shippers, I seriously love Mikasa, but I’m an Ereri person.


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