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The Vampire Diaries

img_6671Before I start I have to mention it was the first TV Show I’ve ever watched. And by that time (to be more specific 2014, when I started watching it), I was fascinated by vampires. They are not my cup of tea anymore, but I got pretty involved and attached by the characters. That’s why I kept on watching, I mean, it’s catchy. The action is quite complex but as far as I know it’s not exactly loyal to The Vampire Diaries books, from where it got its inspiration. The characters are lovely, brought together by pain and kept together by a strong friendship. There are several supernatural elements inserted, but they are logical, sometimes they even appear to be real. Not only vampires will be waiting for you, but also witches, cops, werewolves and later mermaids, each one having  a trully magical story behind. But enough with the spoilers, it’s better if you discover what’s going on by yourselves. Oh, and take care who you ship, by the way! It’s worth giving a try!

The Vampire Diaries TV Show is now at its final season (8).



a lil twisted; i'm looking for what's beyond things

2 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries

  1. Thanks to your post , I literally went into a flashback mode to the beginning when I began watching the show, quite like you,with zero expectations. By episode 3, I was hooked on to the brotherly love and conflict and the ‘epic romance’. As the seasons went by and the storyline got more twisted, I couldn’t let go out of loyalty and had to see it through. As for shipping, give me the flawed Damon , he always had the most amazing quotes and one liners .

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