Death Note

The main characters, Light and L (all right, Ryuk also, let’s include that shinigami as well – his love for apples equals my love for sweets and that’s something, by the way), will capture your attention within seconds due to their intelligence and to their way of thinking. These two representants of the youth possess the so called brilliant minds. The anime, which is based on the manga that has the exact same name, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, is focused on the constant battle between a student and the best detective the world has. Slowly, their fight transfers beyond the main purpose: justice, and becomes personal. Each one has his own style of facing the challenge and each one thinks he is right, seeing his opponent as an obstacle. The two fighters confronting each other, both desiring the same final reward: victory, will definitely wake up in you the desire of using your own detective skills. Team Light or team L?

It’s been a great experience to watch this anime and to focus on every detail, along with the characters. Their mentalities might look completely opposite, but they hide plenty of similarities. The end was just a bit surprising, but even so it broke my heart into pieces. To sum up, Death Note f*cked up my feelings and I strongly recommend it.


2 thoughts on “Death Note

  1. I couldn’t find another words to describe this anime! c: I loved it. But I wouldn’t say Riuk is a main character. Yeah,he’s there just as much as Light and L,but I feel like he’s the most important secondary character.


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